Rating System

5 STARS mean
breathtaking, stunning, moving, inspiring and epic read. Now on my favourites shelf.

4 STARS mean
amazing, lovable, quirky, enjoyable, definitely worth a reread. Lot’s of potential, but the icing on top was missing.

3 STARS mean
I really enjoyed the book, easy and cute read and great within its genre. It wouldn’t survive comparison to my favourites though.

2 STARS mean
it was meh okay. I liked some bits here and there, but it ultimately failed in a whole.

1 STAR means
it wasn’t my cup of tea at all. Writing and editing and character arcs were below my standards. I don’t like giving 1-star-ratings, but I do give them. There was nothing I remotely liked about the characters or story, and I only finished it because I feel compelled to finish every book I start.


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