STACKING THE SHELVES (#12): April 21-27

Wow, it’s been another pitiful week and my sad, sad Stacking of the Shelves saga continues. It seems like all I spend money on these days are uni course books. Ugh. I’m finishing up a huge presentation that has kept me from reading for the the past THREE WEEKS and once that is done tomorrow, I will get all those reviews I wrote up and scheduled. Sigh. I can’t wait. Anyway, here’s the three books that I managed to buy that didn’t have anything to do with Mozart or discourse analysis or whatever uni has in store for me ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME. I hope you guys had a lot more time to enjoy your lovely books than me this week! Cheers!


The D.U.F.F. by Kody Keplinger


Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, Half Bad by Sally Green


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