LOVE-A-THON: Book Spine Poetry!

I LOVE book spine poetry! I do this every time I get a chance to rearrange my shelves or just every time I’ve got a couple of minutes to spare, because it’s so much fun! You have to create a poem by only using spines of books that you own, and you get the most awesome, most hilarious or weirdest results out of it! Naturally, this LOVE-A-THON mini-challenge #1 couldn’t have been better suited to my little guilty pleasure hobby! So this is what I came up with in between getting home from dinner with my lighthouse and getting ready for bed! Huzza! This one is a little bizarre piece on nightmares.


Never have I ever
Forgiven dark dreams of beast and beauty
These broken stars unravel me
Pivot point, breaking point
Perfect ruin



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